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All about us and who we are

Hello My name is Justin Galluccio

Justin Galluccio is a local actor, performer & Puppeteer . He has been performing for over five years in commercials, short films & many other things. He is the creator, founder, and the lead puppeteer of this party company. Thanks to the assistance of his girlfriend (Alex) who also puppeteers other main characters and with the help from his father (Ray Galluccio) who has built all of the characters, props & even the main stage seen in the shows. Justin's shows and ideas were able to come to life.

"Justin's Party Puppets" is a puppet company that was and is founded by Puppets N Hands which is a company that is both owned and founded by Justin Galluccio. Justin's Party Puppets showcases family - friendly, funny, and entertaining original live puppet shows. We perform shows for birthday parties, libraries, museums and other events for kids young and old. If you would like to see more from our very funny cast of puppet characters, please visit our YouTube channel : YouTube.com/SamTheHamTV

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